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5 Strategies for the very best Law Firm Logo
14.12.2017 17:48

What does your law firm logo recommend to your prospective clients?

You only have one possibility to produce a first impression. Upon meeting a brand new or prospective client and exchanging company cards, the client will get an impression of one's firm depending on the law firm logo alone.

So, what does your logo say about your firm?

Your law firm logo represents your law firm to the outside world. Every single seemingly insignificant aspect of it makes an impression around the client. Font. Color scheme. Name arrangement. Text size. Spacing. Inclusion of a scale or gavel image.

Searching at your company card and firm logo, your client gets an impression. Your client forms an idea in his or her head of what your firm stands for. Is your logo modern day or traditional? Does it make you appear frugal and indifferent, like you created the logo your self in Microsoft Word or does it look like you worth your reputation and appearance, and had an expert designer produce the logo?

Ahead of approaching a logo designer or generating the logo yourself, there are some crucial methods you are able to take to acquire a clear image of what the logo must entail and how it must represent your law firm.

Tip 1: Look at your competitors

You don't want your law firm to appear just like the other law firms inside your practice region and place, lest your firm be unmemorable to the client. The final point you'd like to do is confuse the client with what sets your firm aside from everyone else. See what you like about their logos. Make notes. Attempt and gauge how their logos make you perceive their law firms. Do their logos make the firms seem qualified or do they appear just like the firms are unremarkable? Assume about what you like and don't like about these firm logos when deciding on how your personal logo is going to look.

Tip 2: Contemporary or standard? Determine on a theme Do you wish your logo to be modern day or regular? They are the two key theme solutions for law firm logos. This typically means the difference among serif and sans-serif font. What does that imply? Open Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Kind your law firm name in Instances New Roman, Georgia, or Garamond font. Then, sort your firm name once more in either Arial or Helvetica. The initial 3 fonts are thought of serif fonts simply because you are able to see they've little lines on the bottom and sides of letters like A, B, and C. The sans-serif fonts don't have these lines. Serif fonts are associated with newspapers, regarded extra standard fonts. Sans-serif fonts are linked to World-wide-web content material and are viewed as modern day. Do you would like your law firm to possess the appearance of a traditional, storied practice or do you would like it to appear sleek, adaptive, and contemporary? The decision is yours.

Tip 3: Pick a Font

Now that we've decided irrespective of whether to go serif or sans-serif, we must pick which font is going to represent the firm. Initial thing's very first, it really should be noted that you just shouldn't use a normally applied font. Arial, Helvetica, Instances New Roman. Men and women see these fonts every day. Regardless of whether they recognize them right away as Arial, Helvetica, or Occasions New Roman, individuals know these fonts. They see Instances New Roman while reading the newspaper. They see Helvetica when receiving on the subway. They see Arial although reading web sites. These fonts don't make an impression any longer.

There are plenty of web pages where you are able to download fonts totally free. Google has a directory of totally free fonts, the majority of which you're assured to not have come across. Take a appear about. Make use of the Google Font tool to test out your law firm name in unique fonts and evaluate them side by side.

A single last tip on deciding on a font: Do not be indecisive. Even though two or three fonts may appear equivalent to you, your clientele will under no circumstances know the difference once you pick out a font for the law firm logo. They'll under no circumstances know that it was down to 3 comparable fonts. The client will likely not be influenced any differently by equivalent searching fonts. You could possibly want to ask an individual else for their opinion on two or three fonts, but make a decision and stick with it.

Tip 4: Select your colors

On the web you'll be able to discover many color wheel tools valuable to help internet designers choose colour schemes. Click on a primary color and they are going to suggest complementary colors. Just make certain that you use a color choice helping tool. Otherwise, you could end up choosing two colors that just don't work together.

When selecting colors try avoiding these of a law firm in your practice location and region. You want to produce positive you stand apart in the mind of your client. If you consider each and every colour mixture has been taken by the firms within your area, just ensure that your logo look different to distinguish you out of your competitors.

Tip 5: Photos or No Photos?

Normally a law firm logo entails an arrangement of the names of the partners. Often it's an abbreviation of these names. Other instances, the logo includes a tried and correct symbol of the legal profession - the scales of justice - or possibly a gavel - alongside the companion names.

Normally, I hate the scales of justice and gavel. They've been played out. They are overdone. They are sickening. They are unimaginative.

If you are going to consist of an image alongside your partner names, why not include a memorable image that represents your law firm, conveys professionalism, as well as originality? You could do this by such as an image, should you so decide on, of the initials on the firm partners' names. If the firm is Crane, Poole, and Schmidt, you may possess a small CPS initialed logo. This is a more modern element to law firm logos, differentiates the firm, and also appears specialist. So, in the event you are going to include things like an image, think about shelving the gavel and scales for one thing a bit much more contemporary and one of a kind.


With all of those ideas in mind, you're ahead of the game. Whether or not you decide to create a logo your self or method logo designers, you realize what you'd like your logo to convey. You know the message you desire your clientele to get. You know how your competitors appear and how you happen to be going to look distinct. Now, you'll be able to clearly envision what your logo is going to appear like without having to get wildly various designs from a designer that will not be beneficial for your firm.

For those who are proficient at Photoshop, I'd recommend taking a shot at developing a logo yourself. If not, perhaps you'll want to think about hiring a logo designer. Within this crowdsourcing era of World wide web technology, logo styles can be incredibly affordable. There are numerous websites now like 99designs.com exactly where you could crowdsource your logo design and style, having up to various hundred style mock-ups sent to you by freelance designers, with you deciding on and paying for the favorite.

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